G'day from AJAYS Exotic Bengals and thank-you for visiting our website.

Please feel free to contact us via email for specific info or photos at: ajeps@dodo.com.au  As a preview, some of our cats and kittens are showcased below.  We are a home-based hobby cattery, specialising in the spotted brown and silver Bengal varieties.

We are a registered cattery, in good standing with TIBCS, and FCCV.



We routinely screen our breeding cats for a rising heart condition in Bengals known as Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM).  Not all Bengal Breeders use this precaution for one reason or another and we do not judge them for not doing so.  It is terribly expensive to have this procedure done and there is no medical certainties regarding this approach to predicting or preventing HCM occurrences in Bengals. However, it is the only tool available to Bengal Breeders (at this time) to discover if any of their breeding cats have the condition or show evidence of possibly developing the condition further on.  It is concluded that there is a higher probability that the offspring from cats who are “positive” or displaying signs of HCM, may also have a higher incidence of developing the condition.  We ask you to do your own research on this condition and come to your own conclusions.  We reserve the right to change our approach later on, as more evidence and research bring to light, new information & findings.

NEWS UPDATE to ALL BENGAL BREEDERS: Beginning in 2015, we plan to decrease our cat population to only a few breeding silver spotted Bengals. Our brown spotted Bengals have reached a very successful standard. We have moved these cats on to a few dedicated Bengal Breeders in Australia, in order to blend into their own programs and continue showcasing the brown spotted Bengals. We have been asked by Bengal Breeders in both Australia and the USA, to take on the challenge of improving and developing a top standard line of silver spotted Bengals.  When this request was echoed by International Judges, we took the challenge seriously. We invite you to follow our slow progress over the coming years as there will only be one or two litters a year at AJAYS Bengals. We invite other experienced Breeders of the silver spotted Bengals, to send expressions of interest towards the networking and participation towards improving the standard of the silver spotted Bengals.


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